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All catering service includes two types of Drinks.

​Enjoy it 

  • Swee Ice Tea

  • Unsweetened Ice Tea

  • Limonade

  • Tamarindo

  • Jamaica

  • Horchata

All quotes received from our company will only be valid for 15 days starting from the day you receive it. If you decide to book with us after the 15 day deadline, keep in mind that the prices on the quote might change. 

These certificates, promotions and offers cannot be combined with other existing ones.

All prices, certificates, promotions and offers are subject to change without notice.

Please NOTE:
The only way for a reservation to be formally made is to process your down payment for the required service.

This means that if you have received a quote from our company, it does not mean that the item or service quoted is reserved for you. It is formally reserved once your down payment is processed.

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